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How do I get my free software & what does it do?

Wire, nichrome, litz, magnet, tungsten, nickel, constantan, tophet
Call Us Toll Free!  1-888- WIRETRO (947-3876) Download free software with info on nichrome, magnet, litz, tungsten, nickel alloys & more

Works with earlier versions of Windows from XP up to Windows 7 32-bit version

* Insulation Data & Specifications
* Dimensional Data for a wide range of sizes
* Current Capacities
* Voltage Breakdowns
* Resistance Calculator
* Break Strength Calculator
* Length to Weight Conversions
* Tips on stripping/soldering
* Ordering Info

Download Free Wire Info Software Now (Windows Ver. Only 528K)

Be sure to SAVE as opposed to RUN when given the option

Will not work with Vista or other 64 bit operating system such as Windows 8 or 10

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